Multi-view TV
Pictured: Our multi-view TV interface prototype

This paper investigates how we can design interfaces and interactions for multi-view TVs, enabling users to transition between independent and shared activity, dynamically control awareness of other users activities, and collaborate more effectively on shared activities. We conducted two user studies, first comparing an Android-based two-user TV against both multi-screen and multi-view TVs. Based on our findings, we iterated on our design, giving users the ability to dynamically set their engagement with other users activity. We provide the foundations of a multi-user multi-view smart TV that can support users to transition between independent and shared activity and gain awareness of the activities of others, on a single shared TV that no longer suffers the bottleneck of one physical view.

Publication: It Takes Two (To Co-View): Collaborative Multi-View TV, 2015. In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM international conference on Interactive experiences for TV and online video (TVX '15). June 03 – 05, 2015, Brussels, Belgium DOI Link