Mark McGill

This egotistically named website is a monument to what I’ve spent the last few(!) years of my life doing. I graduated with a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (though the computer part is getting vaguer by the decade) in 2016 in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. I previously graduated from UoG with a First class MSci in Software Engineering (5 year degree, top of class), during which I also had a summer studentship position at IBM Greenock. I’m currently a Research Fellow on a 5-year ERC project I co-wrote called ViAjeRo looking at the future of passenger mixed reality experiences.

My research interests revolve around virtual/augmented/mixed reality, with some older work on interactive TV. I’ve published notable (to me at least) works on topics such as passenger use of virtual reality in-car and in-flight, shared at-a-distance VR and TV experiences, locomotion techniques in VR, and multi-user multi-view TV displays, in a variety of venues: ACM CHI (including one honourable mention award), ACM TOCHI, ACM TVX (including one best paper award), ACM MobileHCI, ACM XRDS, ACM AUTOUI, and Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (PUC). I’ve also worked with industrial partners, specifically Bang & Olufsen during my PhD, as well as research under NDA for Logitech Design Lab in Cork. See the projects page for details on work I’ve published, but check out my Google Scholar profile as I may be lax in updating this!

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