Mark McGill


This is a collection of the more notable projects I’ve worked on, many of which ended up published in some form.

PlaneVR (CHI’19)

Virtual reality (VR) headsets allow wearers to escape their physical surroundings, immersing themselves in a virtual world. Although escape may ...
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Violent video games in VR (CHIPLAY’18)

Bespoke Virtual Reality (VR) laboratory experiences can be differently affecting than traditional display experiences. With the proliferation of at-home VR ...
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Translational Gain (CHI’18)

Room-scale Virtual Reality (VR) has become an affordable consumer reality, with applications ranging from entertainment to productivity. However, the limited ...
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Passenger In-Car VR (CHI’17)

Immersive HMDs are becoming everyday consumer items and, as they offer new possibilities for entertainment and productivity, people will want ...
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TV and VR At-A-Distance (TOCHI’16)

This paper examines synchronous at-a-distance media consumption from two perspectives: how it can be facilitated using existing consumer displays (through ...
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PhD (University of Glasgow, 2016)

Televisions (TVs) and VR Head-Mounted Displays (VR HMDs) are used in shared and social spaces in the home. This thesis ...
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Augmented Virtuality (CHI’15)

We identify usability challenges facing consumers adopting Virtual Reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) in a survey of 108 VR HMD ...
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Multi-view Screen Mirroring (TVX’15)

This paper explores how we can utilize the TV to view screen-mirrored device activity, decreasing the digital isolation of device ...
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Multi-view TV (TVX’15)

This paper investigates how we can design interfaces and interactions for multi-view TVs, enabling users to transition between independent and ...
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The Party Fountain (UIST’14)

A party fountain which allows users to select styles of music by turning taps that control music features (e.g. tempo ...
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Mediation of Control (TVX’14)

The single physical remote control, paired to a media system, is no longer necessarily the only (or indeed primary) mechanism ...
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Shared Screen Mirroring (TVX’14)

Screen mirroring has been available to consumers for some time, however if every mobile device in the room supports screen ...
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