Mark McGill

Virtual Workspaces (ToCHI’20)

This paper was a collaboration with Logitech Design Lab, Cork IE, looking at the future of virtual workspaces. We built this system in 2017-18, looking at the usability benefits and impediments of purely virtual displays, in terms of being able to physically move your display space, repositioning your cursor to the focused display and so on. We found significant benefits in terms of usability, performance and workload by enabling dynamic counter-rotations of displays based on head movement for example, allowing users to access far wider display spaces than would be physically usable in reality. Pre-print PDF available below.

Related papers:

  • [PDF] [DOI] M. McGill, A. Kehoe, E. Freeman, and S. Brewster, “Expanding The Bounds Of Seated Virtual Workspaces,” To appear in acm tochi, 2020.
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Virtual Workspaces (ToCHI’20)

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